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Upcoming Programs

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Life Science Investor Relations Forum: Sep. 7-8 – Boston, MA

Validation, Verification and Transfer of Analytical Methods: Sep. 14-15 - Boston, MA

Analytical Instrument Qualification and System Validation: Sep. 14-15 - Boston, MA

Safety Labeling and Packaging Summit: Sep. 14-15 - Florham Park, NJ

Biosimilar Market Access and Commercialization Strategies Summit: Sep.18-19 - Boston, MA

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit: Sept 18-19 - San Francisco, CA

2nd Drug Development Forum: Sept 25-27 - Boston, MA

FDA's New Import Program for 2017: Oct. 5-6 - San Francisco, CA

8th Clinical Quality Oversight Forum: Oct. 11-13 - Philadelphia, PA

5th Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practices: Oct. 16-17 - Florham Park, NJ

4th Technology Transfer for Biologics: Oct. 16-17 - Boston, MA

4th Clinical Trials Phase I & Phase IIA Summit: Oct. 19-20 - Philadelphia, PA

Data Monitoring Committee Optimization Summit: Oct. 19-20 - Philadelphia, PA

2nd Strategic Partnerships for Drug Repurposing Forum: Oct. 26-27 - Boston, MA

2nd Priority Review Voucher Summit: Oct. 26-27 - Boston, MA

Neglected Tropical Diseases Forum: Oct. 26-27 - Boston, MA

10th Partnering with IDNs and ACOs Summit: Nov. 2-3 - Los Angeles, CA

2nd Payer Partnership Forum: Nov. 2-3 - Los Angeles, CA

Computer System Validation - Reduce Costs and Avoid 483s: Nov. 2-3 - San Francisco, CA

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for SaaS/Cloud Applications: Nov. 2-3 - San Francisco, CA

4th Human Abuse Liability & Abuse-Deterrent Formulations: Nov. 6-7 - Bethesda, MD

Value-Based Strategies for Reimbursement & Formulary Success: Nov. 6-7 - Bethesda, MD


Compliance with Advertising and Promotional Requirements: Nov. 9-10 - Boston, MA

4th Adverse Event Reporting and Safety Strategies Summit: Dec. 4-5 - Philadelphia, PA

2nd New Product Planning Summit: Dec. 7-8 - Boston, MA


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